Origins Flight - A Live Online Chocolate Tasting with Fresco's Founders

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An online, interactive live tasting with seven amazing cocoa origins

You will experience the taste of chocolate like never before as Rob and Amy share their insights into the chocolate making process and review how chocolate gets its flavor.  Discover how cocoa origins contribute the flavor of chocolate.  With a combined 27 international awards between these bars, you're sure to find the comparisons interesting. This course will change the way you think about chocolate!

This is how it works:

  • Sign up for a session and proceed to checkout when you're finished shopping.
  • The online class tasting kit will be sent to you.  We will also send you a code to access the online class via Zoom.
  • During class, Rob and Amy from Fresco will lead the discussion and tasting for each bar as well as share insights into the chocolate making process. Everyone will have the chance to share their tasting experience.  If you sample the bars before class, make sure to save some for the event!
  • The online class is about 1 hour - you're welcome to have multiple people sharing your screen and chocolate.

Your origins flight tasting kit includes these seven bars:

  • CHUAO, Venezuela 72% Blended Roast
  • Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic 72% Medium Roast
  • Ghana 68% Light Roast
  • Madagascar 74% Light Roast
  • Polochic Valley, Guatemala 70% Medium Roast
  • O'Payo Profundo, Nicaragua 70% Light Roast
  • Lamas Andean Amazon, Peru, 74% Dark Roast

    Make sure to sign up at least one week before the session to assure your tasting kit reaches you in time. The price includes shipping.

    Any questions? Contact us at or 360-739-2510.

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