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Two Harvests - One Chocolate Recipe - Limited Supply

We first created our light roast Dominican Republic dark chocolate recipe in 2011.  It has been a favorite since the beginning, winning International Chocolate Awards since 2012.

We saved some 2017 harvest cacao to compare with 2019 harvest. Bars made with cacao from both harvests are available for you to compare.

The two bars have similar flavor profiles but with noticeable differences. The 2017 harvest has earthier notes and the 2019 harvest has a more pronounced dried red fruit note.

If you're exploring the terroir of cacao vintages or just looking for a fun comparison, grab a set now. We have a limited number of 2017 harvest bars.

More Details:    

two bars: one bar 2017 harvest and one bar 2019 harvest
recipe: 212
origin: Dominican Republic, Oko Caribe
cocoa: 72%
roast: light
conche: subtle
tasting notes: fig, raisin, slightly sour start, chocolaty finish 


  • COMMENDED - Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019
  • BRONZE - International Chocolate Awards, Americas 2017
  • BEST ORIGIN Chocolate Bar 1st Place - Northwest Chocolate Festival 2016
  • SILVER - International Chocolate Awards, Americas 2012 


We’ve hand-selected organic and fair trade Oko Caribe cacao for this unique chocolate. Our light roast highlights naturally occurring acidity with hints of raisin and fig. Days of stone grinding achieve a silky texture.  Next, the chocolate is heated, mixed and aerated, this is conching. Our subtle conche step softens the edge from the cacao's natural character while  leaving its complex flavors in the forefront.  A small amount of added cocoa butter enhances the chocolate’s silky texture as it melts on your palate. We hope you enjoy!

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