Holiday World Chocolate Flight (3 BARS)

$ 23.00 $ 28.00

We've combined three of of our most flavorful bars into a unique around-the-world chocolate experience.  Enjoy chocolate made with cocoa from the Dominican Republic, Madagascar and Peru.  Each are unique with individual character.  All are delicious.

Our world chocolate flight includes one bar each of:

72% Dominican Republic, Medium Roast (Fresco recipe 224)
74% Madagascar, Light Roast (Fresco recipe 214)
70% Peru, Marañón, Dark Roast (Fresco recipe 230)


If you would like to more about cocoa roast click here.

Each of these chocolate bars are made with three simple ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar and cocoa butter.  We like to keep it simple so you can experience the natural flavors from the cocoa.

Our chocolate is free from dairy, nuts, soy and gluten.