Marañón Vintage Collection 231 - Medium Roast 100% (2 bars)

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vintage: 2014 & 2015 - 1 bar from each harvest season (2 bars)

recipe: 231

originMarañón, Peru 

cocoa: 100%

roast: medium

conche: long

tasting notes: intense, floral, fruity, subtle, smooth, complex, nutty


In the remote Marañón River Canyons of Peru, rare white beans with rich nutty flavors co-exist with floral-fruity purple beans within the same cacao pods: a combination existing nowhere else in the world. This rare cacao, genetically verified by the FDA as Pure Nacional, was thought extinct for over 90 years. The high Marañón Canyon walls create a unique micro-climate where Theobroma Cacao thrives at over 3,500 feet above sea level, some of the highest altitudes ever reported. Once harvested, this organically grown cacao is transported by foot or by burro from remote farms to a single fermentation-drying facility dedicate to this unique crop. Chocolate made from this exclusive cacao has intense flavors with a floral aroma.