Oko Caribe Bundle

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Three is better than one!

We've combined three products, each using our Organic and Fair Trade Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic artisan chocolate.

1) Recipe 224 is an Oko Caribe 72% dark chocolate with medium roasted cocoa that reveals subtle notes of blackcurrant, caramel, and vanilla.  This is our most highly awarded bar.

2) Recipe 212 is an Oko Caribe 72% dark chocolate with light roasted cocoa that highlights naturally occurring acidity with hints of raisin and fig.

3) Raspberry bark combines local Pacific Northwest raspberries with artisan dark chocolate.  We made a special batch of raspberry bark using Oko Caribe 72% medium roast chocolate.

Bars are 1.8 oz each.  Raspberry Bark is 2.5 oz

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