Papua New Guinea 220

$ 8.00

recipe: 220

origin: Papua New Guinea

cocoa: 69%

roast: medium

conche: medium

product notes: nut, roasted sugar, citrus 

awards: Good Food Awards Winner 2013


Rich volcanic soil and up to 102 inches of annual rainfall make the Markham River Valley in eastern Papua New Guinea home to some of the most unique cacao in the word. Seasonal harvests from a single estate plantation are wood-box fermented for five days to develop complex flavors. Our medium roast brings out a medley of nut and caramelized sugar notes, then transitions to an acidity reminiscent of citrus during the middle and finish; one of our most complex chocolates. Days of stone grinding achieve a silky texture.  Next, the chocolate is heated, mixed and aerated, this is conching. Our medium conche step mellows some of this cacao's bold tropical character while leaving a distinctively sharp flavor. Compare 220 with recipes 219 and 221 to experience how different cocoa roasting levels can dramatically change the chocolate's flavor. 

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