Madagascar 214

$ 8.00

recipe: 214

origin: Madagascar

cocoa: 74%

roast: light

conche: medium

product notes: berry, citrus, raisins, tannin


Bronze, Northwest Chocolate Festival 2017

Good Food Award Gold Seal 2012

Good Food Award Winner 2012

Gold Award, Northwest Chocolate Festival 2012


Madagascar's Sambirano Valley produces some of the most flavorful cacao in the world.  Daily harvests from a single 600 hectare plantation are fermented six days to develop a signature fruitiness.  Our light drum roast develops and enhances this cacao's fruity character.  Days of stone grinding achieve a silky texture.  Next, the chocolate is heated, mixed and aerated, this is conching. Our medium conche step mellows some of this cacao's raw acidic nature, resulting in a chocolate with complex flavors including notes of citrus, reminiscent of grapefruit. 

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