Marshmallows: Raspberry

$ 15.00

Hand Dipped Chocolate Covered Raspberry Marshmallows

These delicious marshmallows are completely handmade.  We've taken our original Madagascar vanilla marshmallows up a few notches by adding freeze dried raspberries. 

We hand dip each marshmallow in our single origin dark Ghana chocolate.  Light and fluffy with raspberry and Madagascar vanilla flavor on the inside - deep chocolate flavor on the outside.

Size: 6 marshmallows - 4 oz. or more

INGREDIENTS:  Marshmallows (sugar, corn syrup, raspberries, gelatin, Madagascar vanilla, salt, cocoa powder), Dark Chocolate (cocoa nibs, cane sugar, cocoa butter)

ALLERGEN INFORMATIONMarshmallows are manufactured and processed on equipment in a facility that processes nuts, dairy and gluten.

Product is Nut Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

This product is NOT vegan. 

Marshmallows are manufactured with our friends at The C Shop, Birch Bay, WA.

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