Dominican Republic 224

$ 8.00

recipe: 224

origin: Dominican Republic

cocoa: 72%

roast: medium

conche: medium

product notes: blackcurrant, caramel, vanilla


International Chocolate Awards,  GOLD, USA, 2015
International Chocolate Awards, SILVER, Americas, 2015



We’ve hand-selected the highest quality Organic and Fair Trade Hispaniola Conacado cacao available for this unique chocolate.  Our medium roast reveals subtle notes of blackcurrant, caramel, and vanilla. Days of stone grinding achieve a silky texture.  Next, the chocolate is heated, mixed and aerated, this is conching. Our medium conche step mellows each flavor note, creating a smooth blend reminiscent of caramel and milk chocolate with subtle hints of red fruit and plum. A small amount of added cocoa butter enhances the chocolate’s silky texture as it melts on your palate.