Madagascar 100% Light Roast Chocolate – Recipe 232

$ 13.00

Creating flavorful 100% chocolate can be elusive.  We wanted to develop a pure cacao with bold character that was also approachable.  This bar's single ingredient, Madagascar cacao, is lightly roasted to preserve its natural acidity.  A long conche cycle of heat and aeration softens harsh notes often associated with pure cacao.  Please tell us what you think.

Madagascar's Sambirano Valley produces some of the most flavorful cacao in the world.  Daily harvests from a single 600 hectare plantation are fermented six days to develop a signature fruitiness.  This bar highlights the essence of Madagascar cacao. 


BRONZE - Acadamy of Chocolate 2022
GOLD - Academy of Chocolate 2019

INGREDIENTS: Organic Cocoa Beans

ALLERGENS: Nut Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

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